Programs for Adolescents


Community-focused projects including some or all of the above interventions are undertaken to change the approach and thinking of the entire community with respect to employment and careers for girls and boys. Such projects typically include several specific interventions targetted at segments of the community other than the 3 core segments of youth, women and adolescents.

Life Skills Development and Counselling (LSC)

This program includes a series of Life Skills workshops for students of classes 8 th to 12 th supported by individual face-to-face counselling by trained counsellors. Apart from regular on-ground availability of counsellors, a Counselling Helpline named ‘Keh Dalo’ specialising on issues of adolescents is available for outside school counselling.

Scholastic Improvement Program (SIP)

With a view to ensure children complete school education and become eligible for growth-oriented jobs and careers, scholastic improvement programs in basic Reading-Readiness, English, Hindi and Maths are implemented in collaboration with school management. Students are provided remedial assistance based on ASER-type assessment of four key abilities and

Basic Computer & Internet Usage Skills (IT)

Starting from getting to know the keybaoard, the hardware, and software, the students are taken through a gradual process of learning and practice on Microsoft Suite, and Internet processes like mailing, serach, google docs and use of the Google Drive. Each session is a skill building session, with one student practicing on a computer / laptop.

Confidence building of students through participation in Public Events and Competitions

While working with all students, special attention is paid to students falling below class level. The students are trained, groomed and prepared to participate in school assemblies, special day functions etc. to build their confidence in their skills and abilities, hence in themselves.

Career Guidance (CH)

Career Guidance is provided to highschool students in the form of workshops in school, either as Face-to-face workshops or as App-based Workshops (in case of students being reasonably proficient in computer or mobile based typing skills). ETASHA’s Career Highway Workshops are designed to assist each participant to identify career(s) most suitable for them on the basis of scientifically assessed aptitudes and interests, as well as their competitive ability, dreams, aspirations and the urgency of income generation.

Coaching for Scholarship

This is offerred particularly for students who are good at studies, keen on pusuing higher studies and are considered by the school management as good candidates for the National Merit and Means Scholarship.

Projects Under Implementation In 2022-23

  • Project Protsahan – in 2 schools in Janouli, Palwal District in Haryana – Adolescent Wellbeing & Success interventions as part of a Composite Project supported by MSC India
  • Project Sarthak – in Govt. Senior Secondary School, Begampur Khatola, Gurugram as a full Adolescent Wellbeing & Success project
  • Project Sashakt – in Govt. Senior Secondary School, Islampur, Gurugram as a full Adolescent Wellbeing & Success project
  • Project Spreading Wings – in several Government schools in Patoudi and its neighbouring villages - Adolescent Wellbeing & Success interventions as part of a Composite Project supported by MSC India

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