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Unconditional Love…

Since the time I have been volunteering with ETASHA, I have come across a lot of people. Each person has a different story to tell and each one of them teaches me something in her\his own unique way. This story is about unconditional love and basking in the warmth of another’s happiness. Meet Mayank Singh […]

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The Confidence to Dream

  Watching newspapers and channels flashing headlines about minors and adults being raped, molested and assaulted I lost all faith in humanity. It made me wonder, “What has my country come to? Is this really how things are going to be?” Cries for justice fall on deaf ears and the authorities seem to turn a […]

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The Lotus in The Pond…

As we start reading this , we slip into the pages and stumble upon a story… This story is about a single lotus who lived in a mucky pond. He wanted to get out of the muck surrounding him since he was lonely. Nobody came to see him whereas there was always a huge crowd […]

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