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Where the Magic Happens…

  I sat on the plane in Slovenia and landed in this big, hot, colourful, sometimes hectic, but always interesting city, which each day grows closer to my heart – Delhi. But let me start at the very beginning of my story. I applied for volunteering work in ETASHA through GLEN – Global Education Network […]

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Reflections One Year on

It seems like it was only yesterday… I still remember that blank expression on Meenakshi and Ian’s face when I introduced myself as a biologist during the first round of my interview. They were clueless as to why a biologist would want to work for them…..but I had answers to all their why’s! I told […]

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Volunteering – find your own way to make a difference

  Do you remember the much mocked story ‘6-Day Visit To Rural African Village Completely Changes Woman’s Facebook Profile Picture’ that went viral on social media a few months ago? The story is a satire on international ‘voluntourism’, whereby privileged Westerners go to developing countries on short albeit expensive trips, spend a few days in […]

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