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ETASHA’s EVS Volunteer To Slovenia Shares His Experience – Part 1

By Himanshu Shukla “How did you get to be an EVS volunteer? Isn’t it only for Europeans?” This is the question I got asked so many times by my friends, my acquaintances and even by my co-passengers on my flight to Slovenia. I told them that I am on a parallel EVS project under which […]

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Setting Aside English Grammar Rules

By Neha Abraham “Ma’am ‘- ing’ hamesha Continuous ke sath lagta hai?” (“Ma’am, do we add ‘-ing’ to make the Continuous tense?”) “Ma’am ‘At’ hamesha time ke saath ata hai?” (Ma’am is ‘At’ always used for time?) These are common questions in ETASHA’s classrooms. Most of our trainees have studied English up to the 12th [...] Read More