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Saturday, 27th July, 2019 was an unusually rainy day. Transportation was an issue. Many streets were clogged and making way through them was an ordeal. But that did not dampen Team ETASHA’s motivation nor did it deter any of the trainees from making all possible arrangements to somehow reach the venue (Khanpur, Tigri). Where communication was a challenge, WhatsApp came to rescue – each and every task and movement was coordinated via WhatsApp. Everyone knew their exact positions and precisely what to do when. The seating arrangement for the alumni was planned in such a way that every batch was lined up together. There was a separate registration desk for alumni and current trainees which made for a seamless movement of the audience. The guests and partners too, despite all the commotion due to the rain, reached dot on time. It was for the first time when ETASHA witnessed a full house in a Certificate Ceremony. Most encouraging was to see many parents and families who came along to support and be a part of this proud moment with their wards. The Chief Guests Subrata Sil, VP Macawer Beekay; Sonal Sehgal, Director Global Honey Bee; Anurag Agarwal, Volunteer from TCL; Daljeet, Filmmaker; Sneha Pathak, Naturopathy Practioner were in awe of the ceremony. Meenakshi Nayar, President ETASHA Society applauded each and everyone’s efforts and marked this event as a prominent milestone in the history of ETASHA.

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