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ETASHA alumnus Vikash is super charged and happy! He has won the Employee of the Month Award that too within the first two months of his joining Mc Donald’s. “Initially it was tough and a lot of hard work but then I saw everyone around me doing the same job and this motivated me to not give up and continue. I like to be a part of a team and enjoy working with my co-workers. The award has made me a hero for my five brothers. I am the youngest and they all are very proud of me. I will take my family for a dinner at McDonald’s as a treat.”

So, how did ETASHA’s training help him?

“I learnt how to be punctual as that was a big issue with me initially. I also learnt the value of grooming and how to dress up formally. The grooming session is really helping me at my workplace now,” says Vikash.

ETASHA congratulates Vikash for his perseverance and dedication!


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