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ETASHA kick-started First 2 Batches of its Digital Literacy Programme for Men in Janauli from 16th July 2020. This project has turned out to be an empowerment exercise for the men-folk who were otherwise dependent on their sons or grandchildren to help them with basic needs like online payments, knowing the latest news and other digital activities. The exercise has also busted a notion they have held to for long now – that smartphones and the internet is bad for children. However, they now know that \smartphones can be a means of education and advancement for the children in today’s times. As mukhiyas of the family, these men are now determined to engage with their grandkids and help them learn more. 

ETASHA’s Avdhesh Kumar Tewatia took the Digital Literacy Session highlighting the use of mobile Apps especially useful apps that connect the farmer community with government schemes and apps for bill payments. here are some clicks from Dagar Chaupal in Janouli village, Haryana. 

“We elders come here to have hukka and talk about our own stories, however, this session here today gave us a good peep into the digital world,” says Mr. Omprakash. “Apps are such a simple thing now. We can pay our bills from home, no need to stand in a queue anymore”, he adds

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After so much resistance from the men atleast some are attending classes and learning from the sessions!!

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