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Shining Bright with confidence by her side: Poornima

Repeatedly told by friends that she is up to no good, Poornima stayed home all day long, fighting persistent depressing thoughts, and seeing life go by one day after another. She had no hopes, no mission, no goal. 

One day she stumbled upon ETASHA’s training centre and saw how it offered vocational skills and training, she saw it as a ray of hope. She tells us, ‘Mai ghar se Bahar nahi jaati thi, or agar jaati the toh kisi se baat nahi karpaati thi’. ETASHA not only helped her gain confidence, but the facilitators counselled her through her rough times and told her something that she remembers till date. They said, ‘the world will always try to put you down, you are your own saviour’. The Vision and Mission class at ETASHA helped Poornima realise her potential. ‘I started dreaming again, something I had stopped doing long ago’. 

On the day of her interview, Poornima’s friends told her that she would get fired within a month. Demotivated, she gave the interview half-heartedly, already expecting a rejection. To her surprise, she immediately bagged the job as an office assistant at ETASHA. She tells us how overwhelming of a moment it was for her, and one that she will never forget. ‘If it hadn’t been for ETASHA and the people that make its environment humble and supportive, I don’t think I would have been able to come out of my depression. I have cried and ranted in front of my mentors here and they haven’t complained even once’. ETASHA played a monumental role in not only improving Poornima’s mental health, but also helped her tackle her anger management issues. She was told, ‘pehle socho, samjho or fir action lo’. She feels that she can tackle her anger much more effectively now. 

Poornima has a message for everyone who is struggling with depression, ‘Jo log sochte hai sochne do, bas ruko mat or ladhte raho, and sab theek hojayega’. 


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So inspiring!! So glad to have you as a colleague Poornima. Wish you all the joy and success in life.

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