Programs for Community

Community-focused projects including some or all of the above interventions are undertaken to change the approach and thinking of the entire community with respect to employment and careers for girls and boys. Such projects typically include several specific interventions targetted at segments of the community other than the 3 core segments of youth, women and adolescents.

Some of these interventions directed at the community at large are:

  • Events to celebrate achievements of community members like Certificate Ceremony.
  • Skill competitions for different age and gender segments to promote and encourage skill development - some of the examples are Talent show for girls and boys, Mehndi competitions for young married women, Quiz competitions for Class 10 th students
  • Programs for specific needs of separate groups like ‘Understanding POCSO and POSH Acts’ for Anganwadi workers, Digital Literacy for Men, Capacity Building for School teachers etc.
  • Common community needs as for ration, medicines and income generation during the COVID epidemic are also undertaken as per need.

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