75% of the new jobs to be created in India will be ‘skill-based’. However, only 20% of the Indian workforce possesses ‘marketable’ skills. This challenge is particularly formidable for the large and growing unemployed population in low income communities. Enable Skilling for Employment of the Underprivileged. Help Develop a ‘New Age India’

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ETASHA runs vocational and employability skill development programs for young boys and girls, while actively engaging and impacting the work-related mindsets of adolescents, youth, parents and teachers that form the ecosystem of the youth. So, when you give to ETASHA, you don’t just empower a young person, but an entire community.

What is the impact of my donation?

Your donations help young minds live up to their fullest potential. ETASHA skills the youth and ensures their placement in
modern work environments; Trains ITI teachers to become skilled Mentors and helps ITI students to become employable;
Raises women as skilled and successful entrepreneurs; Allows adolescents to recognise their interests and talents and
explore options available to them through career guidance and counselling.

In-Kind Donations

Donate your old but usable classroom and office material and create new learning experiences for ETASHA students. From laptops to furniture to stationery, it’s all valued and so much needed in our classrooms. We’re sure you’ll feel proud to receive pictures of your materials being put to good use in our classrooms.


In-Kind Donations

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