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The Need

In a world that is becoming increasingly competitive, it is crucial for students to make informed decisions about their careers. Systematic career guidance is necessary to help each student to understand his /her strengths, weaknesses, and interests in the context of the competitive environment and to develop a clear picture of the career options available to each one. Students need to get Information on the wide range of careers available along with the skills required to succeed in a given field in today’s world. Also, as the job market is constantly evolving, it is essential to recognize emerging trends and take them into account when planning for careers.

The need for career guidance in India is further emphasized by the statistics presented. With approximately 3 crore students enrolled in Higher Secondary Schools in India, there is a significant population that requires support in making career-related decisions. According to a study, 86% of Indian students are genuinely concerned about which option to choose for higher education, while 92% of them have no or limited access to career-related guidance from their schools.

Education systems, including the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), recognize the importance of career guidance due to the evolving nature of careers, the diversification of education systems, and the availability of new opportunities. However, a dearth of trained career counsellors as well as an absence of scientifically researched and systematic processes deliverable digitally at a large scale and at a low cost keeps a very large number of youth groping in the dark.

What We Do

At ETASHA, we understand that every young person needs individual guidance and career counselling to choose an appropriate career path in which he/she can be successful and happy. We also believe that there is no ‘best’ or ‘right’ career for all, as what is perfect for one could easily be a recipe for failure for another.

Our objective is to provide guidance that charts the path from high school to a career in which the person has good chances of success and that excites a young person, and for which job opportunities exist.

Our Career Highway process, which has been implemented since 2009-10 in a face-to-face format, has now been digitized and is available through a portal, which can be accessed using a hand-held device (loaned from our mobile library in case the student does not have personal access) in a workshop format to a large group of students. A trained career guide supervises the workshop and is available to clarify and guide. Thus, the entire process of personalized guidance with each participant identifying two to three careers that are most suitable for them, is completed in a 5-hour workshop or one school day.


Our Strategy

‘Career Highway’ is a systematic and scientifically developed process based on the engagement of the participant through guided introspection, psychometric assessment of aptitudes and career interests of the participant, and mapping them against a database of over 275 careers. Essentially, Career Highway is a participative process that guides each participant to answer a series of questions and tests them on some parameters. The results are then shared and explained, forming the basis for the participant to select a career that appeals to them from a list of careers created by matching their profile with the success parameters of careers in the database.

The Career Highway workshops are based on the 3P Model, which takes a student through the career guidance process in three steps:

Understanding Personality

The process includes an administration of standard psychometric tests as well as guided introspection to help a student understand some of his/her deeper sources of motivation as well as strengths and weaknesses.

Recognising Potential

The process includes a comparative assessment of a students’ abilities and potential vis-à-vis their age cohort which allows them to be realistic about their strengths and capabilities, and thereby set ‘achievable’ goals instead of chasing ‘premium’ careers. This is particularly relevant in the context of the increasing competition and the excessive gap between supply and demand in many careers, as well as in training and professional institutions.

Discovering The Right Profession

High school students make decisions about careers that will begin two to ten years later. Hence, they must understand the current and future career trends and possibilities. The Career Highway workshop exposes students to a wide range of career options and trends to help them make informed choices.

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