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A collection of inspiring videos that showcase the impactful work of ETASHA.

Through these powerful videos, we invite you to witness the impact of ETASHA’s programs and the incredible stories of resilience, empowerment, and transformation. Learn about the comprehensive job-linked training and mentoring initiatives that have empowered individuals from low-income communities to become job-ready and achieve sustainable income generation.

The feeling of elation that women experience on earning their ‘own’ money and the long journey of personal growth they have experienced in the process. Listen to the fun that school children had while learning some things which will help to change their lives. Together, let’s celebrate the triumphs, share the joys, and inspire others to create a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

15 Years Of ETASHA

Hear Dr. Meenakshi Nayar talk about her journey of starting ETASHA for underprivileged youth, emphasizing the importance of skill development for employment and income generation.

50 Girls trained and placed under Project Nari Shakti

Watan Samachar’s coverage of certificate distribution ceremony of Nari Shakti Project. Under this Project 50 girls from the South Delhi low income communities were provided training in a well-designed job readiness program and then placed in organized sector jobs.

Gutsy Girl Haseena

Watch how Haseena’s exuberance and determination have led her to break free from the conservative setup of her Muslim family. With unwavering support from her mother and the employability program at ETASHA, she is now proudly inspiring other girls in her community to pursue education and careers.

Hear Rama our Woman Entrepreneur about her Enterprise

Discover Rama’s inspiring journey as she joins ETASHA’s Women Entrepreneurship Program, acquires enterprise management skills, and transforms herself  into a successful women entrepreneur.

Seema’s experience of Career Highway

Hear Seema, a student of Rising Sun Convent School, Hissar, as she shares her experience of enrolling in ETASHA’s Career Highway Workshop. This empowering workshop helped Seema explore her potential, uncover her true passions, and gain valuable insights into various career choices she is considering for a promising future.

A Bridge of Possibilities

Discover ETASHA’s comprehensive Vocational Training Program, and listen to Naresh, Tarun, Hemlata, Kanchan, and Pinky as they share their personal experiences of enrolling in the program. Today, all of them have secured employment in organized sectors, achieving self-reliance and making significant financial contributions to support their families.

Our friends from Germany- Laura & Loubna

Listen to Laura and Loubna, our volunteers from Germany, as they share their experience of volunteering with us. Both of them were part of ETASHA’s communication team and also conducted English conversational classes for adolescents twice a week.

LIGHT A LAMP - Employability Skills Development & Placement

Watch how ETASHA provides training, placement support, and a glimpse into the real work environment, enabling students to develop trade-specific employability skills. With experiential and interactive methodologies, we create a lively environment where young individuals blossom into confident and work-ready individuals.