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Vedanta Half Delhi Marathon

In the heart of India’s bustling capital, Delhi, the spirit of athleticism and camaraderie converged at the Vedanta Half Marathon. The year 2023 brought forth another edition of this iconic event, where thousands of passionate runners, both amateurs and professionals alike, laced up their shoes to partake in a celebration of endurance, unity, and self-discovery. It also paved the way for foundations like ETASHA to raise awareness, attract donations, and engage with the community. Transforming lives, and building futures is the motto of ETASHA and the marathon is a living testimony to it.

Let’s look into what exactly makes this event special?

  1. Spectacle of Unity: The Vedanta Half Marathon has long been more than just a race; it’s a testament to the unity that sports can inspire. Participants from diverse backgrounds, ages, and fitness levels come together, sharing a common goal – to challenge their physical limits and push towards a healthier, more active lifestyle while also embodying the spirit to give back to society.
  2. Charity Dockets: Over the years the marathon has had many Champions of Philanthropy in the form of Individual fundraisers, Corporates and all NGOs who participated in the event and who have put in their time and effort to make a positive impact to the lives of the less fortunate. You can read about all the champions we’ve had over the years in our Event docket that is published post every event.

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ETASHA Society and its Contribution

ETASHA Society was founded to help young people in resourceless areas acquire job-ready skills. So far, the organization has raised INR 12,41,800, which will empower 103 youth with essential employability skills and help them secure employment. Moreover, at the Philanthropy Awards night, ETASHA Society was honoured with the prestigious philanthropy award for being the 3rd highest fundraising NGO among 55+ other NGOs.

Adding to this testimony, ETASHA has had 131 enthusiastic runners which included 80 runners from HBD Financial services, 44 partners from the ETASHA team, 6 runners, and 1 ETASHA alumnus. ETASHA’s theory of change demonstrates not just sustainable livelihoods but a shift that its trainees experience in their lives – from confusion about life goals to confident decision-making; from financial dependence to economic independence; from drifting jobs to building stable careers and most importantly a long-term vision towards evolving their lives. The organization bears a plethora of success stories of individuals making a meaningful impact.

Mr Amit Sharma, the head of channels at Vedanta Marathon exclaimed “Fostering the social consciousness is our aim. We partnered with ETASHA and interacted with them before the event. Every runner was introduced to the skill development program and it gave us an immense honour to run for this social cause.”

Beyond The Run

The Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon was not merely a race but a celebration of the human spirit, resilience, and power of community. But the impact doesn’t end at the finish line. Your support can make a real difference. Consider getting involved in this incredible journey. Whether as a participant, volunteer, or donor, your contribution can help organizations like ETASHA Society continue their vital work in transforming lives.

Author: This blog has been written by Kunal Gadhavi.