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Satya’s Rise: The Flavourful Journey of a Momo Maverick

As we embark on our project visits, our hearts buzz with excitement, not just to witness the progress, but also to immerse ourselves in the inspiring stories of the beneficiaries we meet. Today, we shine the spotlight on one woman whose journey stands as a beacon of inspiration: Satya, the indomitable spirit behind the now-famous ‘Satya Momos’.

Satya’s world turned upside down when the pandemic struck. Like many others, she faced the harsh reality of job loss and dwindling savings. As a mother of three from a traditional family, Satya found herself in dire straits when her husband, a driver, lost his job.

Her turning point came when she discovered the ETASHA Society’s Women Entrepreneurship Program (WEP). Initially hesitant due to familial concerns about selling by the roadside, Satya’s talent for making delicious momos couldn’t go unnoticed. After several family meetings and encouragement from ETASHA, she bravely started her momo stall with seed funding of Rs. 5,000 and her personal savings. Starting with a humble wooden stall, she made a modest Rs.150 on her first day. Not much compared to the past, but enough to ignite her undying spirit. Soon, her business grew, and she began earning Rs.1200 or more daily.

But there’s more to Satya’s story. After repaying the initial seed funding, she received an additional Rs.10,000 from ETASHA, enabling her to significantly upgrade her stall. In a triumphant stride, Satya registered ‘Satya Momos’ under MSME and secured FSSAI approval for her food retail business in 2021-22. She’s now exploring expansion options and considering partnerships with platforms like Zomato and Swiggy.

Satya’s journey is a testament to her indomitable spirit. She once told us, “I had lost all hope of restarting my business and was ready for any livelihood opportunity when ETASHA recognized my skill and showed confidence. Today, with their guidance, mentoring, and the support of my husband and daughters, I am not just running a Momo stall; I am scaling new heights each day.”

It’s stories like Satya’s that keep us motivated at ETASHA. It’s not just about financial support; it’s about believing in someone’s dreams and being there to see them flourish. Satya is a shining example of how perseverance, coupled with a little help, can turn dreams into reality.