Sep 082014
Reflections One Year on

It seems like it was only yesterday… I still remember that blank expression on Meenakshi and Ian’s face when I introduced myself as a biologist during the first round of my interview. They were clueless as to why a biologist would want to work for them…..but I had answers to all their why’s! I told them a long story of my love for teaching. I had worked as an intern at All India Institute of Medical Sciences before joining ETASHA and I knew that I was taking a big leap by doing something completely different from my profile. It was [Continue Reading...]

Sep 062014
Volunteering - find your own way to make a difference

  Do you remember the much mocked story ’6-Day Visit To Rural African Village Completely Changes Woman’s Facebook Profile Picture’ that went viral on social media a few months ago? The story is a satire on international ‘voluntourism’, whereby privileged Westerners go to developing countries on short albeit expensive trips, spend a few days in an orphanage or some other ‘development project’, and go back home smug, their cameras full of pictures of themselves as good Samaritans surrounded by smiling children. I’ve always wanted to volunteer abroad. I didn’t do it in my twenties and now, with a family, a [Continue Reading...]

Aug 162014
Settling In and Setting down

“Moments. All gathering towards this one.” – Jenny Downham   Most of  the people at my home would not believe it, but even here life starts to be normal. You can, of course, forever remain as a traveller or on the other hand become a copy of something you’re not. But I find something truly important in every ordinary minute. Firstly I thought about this when I was riding on a motorcycle and there was a slight pleasant breeze in my hair. When I exceeded the most basic adaptations to the new environment it was time to put life together and [Continue Reading...]

Aug 162014
Ekta: Balancing Work with Home

The work done by ETASHA can be best judged by the results that they have to offer. One of their results has been Ekta. When one looks at business reports, they are concerned only with the bottom line of profits and why should an NGO be any different. Exploring the results of ETASHA, here is brief interview with one of the former trainees who now works at ETASHA’s head office. Everyone in the office knows who Ekta is and her presence in the organization’s office has become paramount. She introduces herself as Ekta Singhal but she is known only as [Continue Reading...]

Aug 052014
Sometimes I Try

Meet Ishita Vasishth, Our Volunteer Photographer! In a world increasingly reliant on technology, events and ceremonies can be shared with people thousands of miles away. For this to happen, however, there must be a medium of exchange readily available. Since she began volunteering with us in December of 2013, Ishita has been a huge help in photographing, videotaping, and visually documenting various facets of ETASHA’s work. Whether in the community or in our centers, Ishita always brings an enthusiastic attitude and her trusted Canon camera! Currently a student pursuing BCOM honors at Delhi University, Ishita finds time in her busy [Continue Reading...]

Jul 282014
Subhadra: An Eye for Detail

Meet Subhadra Tiwari: CDC One’s New Centre Manager! With her youthfully blithe smile and effervescent demeanor, one might easily mistake Subhadra for a trainee or visitor to CDC 1 at Madanpur Khadar. However, after observing her interaction with her colleagues and students for just a few minutes, it’s easy to see why she has become such a successful center manager since joining ETASHA.   When I asked her how long she had been associated with the organization, she didn’t respond with the expected “just over a month” or “almost two months now.” Instead, she paused, thought for a moment, and [Continue Reading...]

Jul 212014
Words are only a part of the Story...

  I came to India because there was no reason not to. The start was as smooth as butter. Firstly I found out that airports are slowly becoming my friends  and I was, like always, impressed by the mixed salad of people. Already I felt the mystique of India with the Frenchman sitting next to me, for I knew what he was searching for in India without really asking him. Like many others he came to find the peace of  the mountains and of the blue elders. The weather did not surprise me. In the atmosphere was the smell of [Continue Reading...]

Jul 162014
ETASHA Revisited. Then and Now....

Working with ETASHA, Round Two! Hello again! My name is Abhishek Bhargava, and you may remember me from my former blog entries, published two years ago. I am in Delhi once again for my summer holidays, and again, am interning with ETASHA. Over the course of the next few weeks, I will be updating our records, interviewing and writing blog entries, and creating a profile for ETASHA on various donor match sites. Returning to the organization two years later also means being able to revisit former trainees I knew in 2012, and have kept in contact with via Facebook (but [Continue Reading...]

Jul 112014
The Google Guys....

    A couple of students working for a competition designed by Google chose ETASHA as the organization they had to represent. They are popularly known as the Google Guys in the office. This is a brief interview with 2 out of the 4-member team.   They introduce themselves as Manish Malik and Antriksh Agarwal.  The two additional members who weren’t there at the time of the interview are Ashar Javed and Aditya Kumar who contributed equally. They are all second year students of Faculty of Engineering and Technology Jamia Millia Islamia. All of them are currently pursuing B. Tech [Continue Reading...]

Jul 072014
Broadening My Horizons...

Hi folks, I am Prakhar Verma. I am currently pursuing Bachelor of Technology from Dehradun Institute of Technology, Dehradun. After my 2nd year examination I had a break of 2 months and to make the most of it I thought of joining an NGO as an intern So my search started. I went through all the results thrown at me by Google and mailed my CV to them. ETASHA was the first one to reply and after communicating with Ian I was sure about taking up an internship with them for 6 weeks. I entered the program in June 2014. [Continue Reading...]