Mar 192014
An Occasion For Learning and Fun...

The regular ETASHA Alumni Meets are occasions of fun & excitement for everyone in the organisation. It involves the meeting of old friends & revisiting old memories which are stored somewhere in in the back of our mind. One of the meetings’ main objectives is to connect new trainees with old, so that the latter can inform and inspire the former, having entered the world of work. There is a certain question which strikes me: “Are the Alumni Meetings effective enough to add to or make a vital change to trainees’ thoughts or behaviour’”? Lets ponder….. On 8th March 2014, [Continue Reading...]

Mar 012014
A Culture of Excellence

I interned at ETASHA Society during February 2014 as a part of my curriculum at School of Business Management, Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS). Having no previous work experience with an NGO, I didn’t know what to except. But I was optimistic and excited about my tenure with the organization. Post completion of my project, all I can say is that it was an absolute privilege to be a part of ETASHA. My project at ETASHA Society was to conduct an Impact Assessment of the organization. The primary objective of the project was to assess the performance of [Continue Reading...]

Feb 272014
"Good things, when short, are twice as good"

Tom Stoppard once said “Good things, when short, are twice as good” and that’s precisely how I feel as my internship at ETASHA Society comes to a close. As a part of the college curriculum at Narsee Monjee institute of Management Studies (NMIMS) I was given the opportunity to intern with an NGO, and to be very honest,  I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been a part of ETASHA Society. I’ve always felt that people, play a very important part in any organisation’s working, and especially when we have an organisation working towards the vital task of providing skilled [Continue Reading...]

Feb 272014
A Lifelong Learner...

    Vipin Sahu joined Etasha in 2008 when he was in class 12. He got to know about ETASHA through his ‘CHACHA’ and considered it to be a good opportunity and found the fee very reasonable as well. ‘”Main government school se tha aur english bilkul aati nahi thi.’ says Vipin softly.   He studied under the CSWC program, which includes Computer applications but according to him his journey here was not limited only to learning computers. This organisation enhanced his personality, fluency in English and much more.   ” Pehle toh main apne dosto ke saamne bhi nahi [Continue Reading...]

Dec 092013
Get it and keep it!

It was a Monday morning in the main office of ETASHA Society, when some of the trainees were coming to the office for their first job interview of their life. They had just finished their Customer Service and Work Culture Training (CSWC) and immediately got appointments for a job interview with a big Insurance Company for a Data Entry Job. So here they are: Sitting and waiting for the big chance; for the first job;– for the major objective of ETASHA: “Getting a job in the organized sector”. This is what I kept hearing since the beginning of my internship. [Continue Reading...]

Nov 012013
Police: "Meri Dost aur Sahayak!?"

“I’m not against the police; I’m just afraid of them.”                                                                              - Alfred Hitchcock All over the world, the police provoke many different emotions in every one of us.  Just close your eyes for a short moment and think about your own experiences with the police. What positive experiences can you think of? What experiences disappointed you? Most people can easily answer  both of these [Continue Reading...]

Oct 162013
"European Aliens" in India

5:00 am Two Europeans wake up in their colony. It is still dark and they love to be the first ones in the neighborhood getting up. It is still calm and peaceful at this time of the day. For them it almost feels like living in a tiny little village anywhere in the world. 5:30 am The two Europeans get dressed with their newly discovered Indian “Kurtas” which have become their favourite outfits ever since. They open their doors and go out of their rooms. They like it outside. And more than that: they would rather roast in the heat [Continue Reading...]

Oct 112013
We are the stories we live!

I am in Delhi for three months on an internship provided by GLEN (Global Education Network of Young Europeans), a network of 10 organizations from the European Union which sends abroad pairs of interns (tandems) to host organizations in the countries of the ‘Global South’. I’m from Slovenia and my tandem partner is Johanna from Germany; we will be doing the same internship –  working on  community based research about perspectives of education, career and job among young people and their parents in slum and resettlement areas  in South Delhi, where ETASHA’s Career Development Centers are placed. After the month [Continue Reading...]

Jun 082013
Can Job Training Trump a Degree?

  HONG KONG — China and India, Asian giants with a staggering 2.5 billion people between them, have a big problem with their youth. No matter how much they increase education funding or how quickly they build universities, there is no way there will be enough places for everyone. Even if there were, the reality is that not every young person has the academic background, motivation or desire to complete a four-year university education. For Asian parents, a college diploma is the ultimate status symbol for their children. But, on the ground, there are simply not enough well-paid jobs to [Continue Reading...]

Jun 082013
A Fine Line ...

Along with two members of the Community Mobilisation team I set out walking into small by-lanes with houses on either side, in a low income area of Sangam Vihar, that we visited. I quietly followed Sarika and Rameshwar because as a volunteer I was very unfamiliar with their work in the community. After having walked for nearly 20 minutes I started to question the purpose of our visit; we hadn’t talked to anyone, nor had we handed out to anyone the pamphlets we were carrying which outlined ETASHA’s courses. Although the area seemed to be quite thickly populated, roads weren’t [Continue Reading...]