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A Day Among Trainees: Riya’s Eye-Opening Experience as a Volunteer

Today’s sessions at ETASHA Society were a perfect blend of fun and insight, offering me an experience that far exceeded my expectations. Initially, I thought my role as a silent observer might be somewhat uneventful, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. The day turned out to be exhilarating.

As the session commenced, I noticed around eight trainees of varying ages. Their respect and enthusiasm were evident as they promptly stood up to greet the facilitator. The group’s dynamic was a mixture of eagerness and the usual early morning sleepiness. To engage everyone and stimulate active thinking, the facilitator initiated a simple yet engaging task: listing companies they were familiar with. I found myself mentally joining in, curiously making my own list.

The teaching style was highly interactive, steering clear of the stereotypical long lectures. It was an immersive activity, where every trainee was encouraged to participate, turning sleepy expressions into ones of focus and involvement.

Once divided into groups, the trainees energetically discussed various company departments. The atmosphere was lively, filled with a mix of curiosity and brainstorming. Some trainees were busy copying from others, while others playfully hid their answers. Yet, it was clear that finding the right answers was their utmost priority at that moment.

The classroom environment was fun-filled, and I felt as if I were sitting with my own friends. The warmth and welcoming nature of the students were very heartening.

What stood out to me was the facilitator’s approach, consistently emphasizing the relevance of the lessons. She aimed to ensure that the trainees understood the ‘why’ behind their learning, making the lessons practical and applicable.

By the end of the session, after clearing doubts and summarizing the key points, we all joined in a motivational song, “Tu Zinda Hai,” leaving everyone uplifted.

During the break between sessions, I had the chance to interact with the trainees and learn about their lives. Each story drew me closer to them, transforming my perception from seeing them as outsiders to recognizing them as peers on a shared journey.

Author: This blog has been written by Riya Vij.