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Charting Success: The Remarkable Impact of ETASHA’s Career Highway Workshops

One of the most pivotal decisions for young individuals lies in selecting their field of study and determining their career path. In an era overflowing with diverse career options and burgeoning professional opportunities, many young people find themselves engulfed in confusion, often ending up in careers misaligned with their interests or aptitudes. To address this critical juncture, ETASHA Society offers an effective solution: comprehensive career guidance.

At ETASHA Society, we are committed to empowering young minds through high-quality career guidance, aiding in self-assessment and self-analysis. This support is vital in helping individuals navigate toward the right career choices for themselves. Our initiative, the Career Highway, stands as a testament to this commitment.

Based on our innovative 3P Model – Personality, Potential, and Professions – the Career Highway workshops guide students through an insightful career guidance process. This involves understanding their personality, recognizing their potential, and discovering professions, vocations, or careers that are most suitable for them.

Spanning two days, this 10-hour workshop utilizes psychometric tests, behavioural exercises, AIM mapping, action mapping, among other methodologies, to delve into students’ personalities and identify the best-suited career options for them.

Reach & Impact:

The impact of Career Highway has been both substantial and far-reaching:

  • Over 16,825 high school students have been positively impacted.
  • More than 590 workshops have been successfully conducted.
  • Career guidance has been provided to over 7,410 students.

Participants Speak:

Chitrani shares, “Initially, I aspired to be a teacher, but the workshop opened my eyes to my true passion for animation. Now, I am excited to pursue a career in this field.”

Rahul reflects, “Post-workshop, I discovered my interest in social work, which has led me to study for a Bachelor’s in Social Work.”

Devendar recounts, “I had doubts about joining the Indian Army. Career Highway not only cleared my uncertainties but also affirmed my capabilities to pursue my dream.”

The positive feedback from participants highlights the workshops’ effectiveness. They endorse Career Highway for its ability to offer clarity and direction to teenagers at a crossroads in their lives.