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Aashni’s Experience: Fortunate to Receive Timely Career Guidance, Yet Recognizing Its Unavailability for Many!!

As I sit down to pen my thoughts on the world of career counselling in India, my little 8 year old brother peeks over my shoulder – amazed. “Career guidance? Isn’t it just about doing what we love the most, didi?”


Oh, the innocence of childhood!


From the red bricked halls of DPS noida, I’ve had the privilege to attend numerous career-related sessions and workshops organised by my school.

Expert career counsellors, armed with glossy brochures and persuasive pitches, take centre stage, promising nothing short of a guaranteed ticket to Yale or Harvard. But as the session progresses, the facade begins to crumble and  a pattern emerges: the incessant push to purchase their packages.


This has, however,  exposed me to various professions I would’ve never considered otherwise – criminal psychologist, video game developer etc. in fact had it not been for such a workshop I never would have found my calling – econometrics. A perfect blend in mathematics and economics, two of my favourite subjects.


I have been privileged enough to have relatives from various backgrounds – my parents, doctors, uncles in the armed forces and so on. However, their well meaning advice is tainted with personal biases and outdated perspectives.I recall one relative dismissing the field of graphic design as “useless,” prophesying its impending demise at the hands of AI.


While I face no problems with my choice of career, it is extremely hard to understand the exact procedure for college admissions especially for unconventional routes other than medical or engineering. 

In fact there is still a lot of uncertainty with new exams like CUET – how many domain subjects does one apply for? What is the percentile criteria?

Making transparent rules and clear criterias, the authorities can certainly reduce additional anxiety for students.


So, to my fellow students embarking on this journey – Let’s question the motives behind the advice we receive and seek out alternative sources.


ETASHA’s Career Highway program is one such invaluable resource that goes a step ahead – it provides personalised career counselling for adolescents. The digitized Career Highway Workshop assists each student to identify the career most suited to his/her aptitudes, interests and competitive ability assessed through standardized psychometric tests. A counsellor is physically present to guide the students throughout the session. All the queries are taken up and answered including individual issues and concerns. The process takes around 5 hours to complete it using a smartphone/laptop. This is a streamlined platform for students to explore career options, select preferences, and formulate actionable plans. With expert guidance and accessible digital tools, participants gain clarity and confidence in navigating their career journey effectively. 


The lack of knowledge and resources amongst the weaker sections of our society widens the already existing socio-economic gaps and  hinders their ability to make informed decisions about their futures. 

Each one of us deserves unbiased guidance and a genuine understanding of our aspirations and capabilities!


Your support can empower students to make informed decisions and help them to embark on successful professional pathways. 

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Author: This blog has been written by Aashni Jamwal.