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Dr Sumita’s LOOKING  BACK… ‘ETASHA’ is not a word…..

‘ETASHA’ is not a word. It is an emotion, an experience and a realization. I worked here as a volunteer for more than 5 years, till the onset of COVID. My duty was to support the system with some research work, specially in the field of placement for the underprivileged, trained by ETASHA, exploring the opportunity of financial help under Corporate Social Responsibility. Also searching different fields where training can be given to the deprived adolescents of the society. Being a senior person, I could not take part directly in the activities of the organization but had immense satisfaction in doing my bit, however small. 


Now coming to my personal feelings about ETASHA – This place gave me a feeling of peace and content, not only in terms of the contribution I was able to make towards its purpose but also on a personal level. I met some wonderful people and grew to know them as just more than colleagues. I cherish the moments of sharing personal joys and sorrows with some of them and also the Bread Rolls and Samosa during Tea Time.


Lastly, I must mention the loss of Mr Suresh, whose untimely departure really moved me a lot. Every morning, when I used to reach around 9, he would serve me tea. He was part of the quiet mornings in the office, before the humdrum began….. hard to forget….



Author: This blog has been written by Dr Sumita Pal.

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