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Empowering Youth: Kajal’s Journey from Administrator to Youth Employment Facilitator

Kajal from cdc2 conducting the first exposure visit (retail and hospitality) with our vtp trainees. (2)

My name is Kajal Aggarwal. Previously, I worked as an admin for 3 years, and for the past 1.5 years, I have been working as a youth employment facilitator.

I have always had a strong desire to contribute to society and share the knowledge I have gained. I am constantly seeking new learning opportunities that bring me joy. Since 2019, ETASHA has provided me with the perfect platform to do just. I have acquired a wide range of skills and had the privilege of connecting with many young individuals, passing on the knowledge I have acquired.

My journey from being an admin to becoming a facilitator has been amazing. Stepping out of my comfort zone and addressing the youth to help them grow has been truly outstanding. Speaking in front of people was nerve-wracking, but I overcame that challenge and began conducting sessions and training the youth. Throughout my facilitation journey, I faced various challenges, such as trainees with weak skill sets or those who were initially not job-ready. However, with constant effort and counselling, I successfully placed the trainees in good companies.

I focused not only on the trainees but also worked on changing the mindset of their parents. Conducting home visits and explaining the importance of their children’s development was a crucial part of my journey. It is truly gratifying when a trainee or their parents express their gratitude, saying, “Thank you, ma’am. Because of you, my child’s life has changed,” or when a trainee themselves acknowledges the positive impact you’ve had. It is in those moments that I feel a sense of happiness and fulfilment, knowing that I’ve made a difference and contributed something good. The satisfaction I experience from knowing that I’ve done something meaningful is indescribable.

In my journey, I have learned that patience is crucial. You cannot expect immediate results in anything. It takes time and patience to gradually change people’s mindsets.

Author: This blog has been written by Kajal Aggarwal.